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Are you seeking an enriching and thrilling experience in the realm of travel content production? Look no further! Our travel content creator internship in the vibrant city of Bangkok centers on food, travel and news, offering you a chance to delve into the creative and captivating world of storytelling.

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Participate in a startup & entrepreneurial environment, where you will discover what makes a fast paced, high growth digital marketing company tick.

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Explore the Travel Content Producer internship, a gateway to hands-on content creation, travel insights, and professional growth opportunities. Join us now!

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Travel Content Producer internship enhances abilities through hands-on experience, creativity, travel opportunities, storytelling skills, content production, and global exposure. Join us!

Production House Asia is seeking a Thai or International student who is interested in an internship for our travel channel. We offer training, experience and exposure for those who have a passion for producing travel content.

We have recently established our Locality Guide, which is an in-hotel travel channel.  That is, it is (usually) Channel 1 which is both a guide to the hotel mixed with our content, which is a guide to the city, which we are operating in.

Bangkok Location

Travel Content Creator internship in Bangkok available.

We are looking for travel content producers who are passionate about travel content and are able to express their vision in vivid detail through the use of videography.

Your ability to create good video is also a requirement in order to translate reality into great video stories.

You will need to enjoy traveling and capturing moments.


Storytelling our For Local News Publications

Local Digital Publications (LDPs)

Food & Restaurant Journalism

Storytelling for our 'Eats Thailand'

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We combine a unique mix of self driven theory, practical learning opportunities and exposure to real work with real clients.

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