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137 Pillars Hotel - Bangkok


July, 2019

marketing the "PRIVATE ART EXPERIENCE" @ 137 Pillars Hotel

Our collaboration with 137 Pillars Hotel was an artistic journey like no other! As a digital marketing agency, we take pride in crafting unique experiences, and creating a video for their Private Art Experience was truly inspiring.

Immersing ourselves in the hotel’s world of sophistication and elegance, we carefully curated a mesmerizing video that showcased the essence of their exclusive art tour. With finesse, we captured every intricate detail, from the artists’ brushstrokes to the guests’ heartfelt reactions.

The video served as a captivating invitation, enticing art enthusiasts and high-profile clients alike.

The Private Art Experience at 137 Pillars Hotel was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and bolstering the hotel’s reputation as a haven for luxury and culture.

We are honored to have contributed to this artistic triumph, and we look forward to more collaborations with 137 Pillars Hotel in the future!

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Video Strategy for 137 Pillars Hotel

Through a series of elegant and immersive videos, we captured the essence of the art tour, from the artists’ creative process to the guests’ awe-inspiring reactions. The videos highlighted the hotel’s commitment to providing an extraordinary and culturally enriching experience.

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