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Our current internships

Please find below a list of our current internships

Digital Marketing

Explore diverse digital strategies, gain practical skills, and grow professionally in our dynamic Digital Marketing internship


Exciting internship in Journalism, real-world experience, reporting, writing, editing, multimedia, interviews, and storytelling skills enhanced

Video Production

Exciting hands-on video production internship. Learn filmmaking, editing, and gain real industry experience. Join us now!

Travel Content Producer

Exciting travel content production internship. Create captivating stories, explore new destinations, and inspire wanderlust worldwide. Join us!

Food Content Producer

Food Content Producer internship: Visit exciting restaurants, create mouthwatering food photos, and engaging culinary articles. Join our team today!

Web Design & Coding Producer

Embark on a transformative web design and IT internship at Production House Asia, specializing in Flutter Flow, Suprabase, and Buildship.

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