We are seeking a marketing intern for our Bangkok office, for a duration of 3 or more months, full time.  You would be based in Bangkok, a vibrant, international city fill of life and wonder.  You would gain a multi faceted experience as you interface with our clients and internal projects.

We have multiple areas of possible travel journalism experience.  

Storytelling for our TRAVEL content platform

We are looking for travel content producers who are passionate about travel content and are able to express their vision in vivid detail through the use of videography.

Your ability to create good video is also a requirement in order to translate reality into great video stories.

You will need to enjoy traveling and capturing moments.




The business aspect

Crafting social media images/captions are also part of the job as a wholistic digital media creator.  Understanding or be willing to learn social media fundamentals is a must!  Social media is more often than not, the distribution vehicle of content to readers, understanding how that happens, is vital.

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