Hi, thanks for your interest in a blended journalism & marketing internship with us, with our specific project Local Digital Publication (LDP) in mind.  If you have an interest in marketing, sales, journalism, blogging or vlogging, then this might be a suitable experience for you.  First please familiarise yourself with our publications, and let us know which publications interest you the most, however we still reserve the right to assign you to publications that might have the most need or suit our current business purposes.





  • Brainstorm story concepts – Conceive of story ideas, story angles and story series.
  • Contact the story, seeking permission and date to interview.
  • Develop Themes and series  – e.g. ‘Best Breakfast places in Thonglor’
  • Travel to the story, write or film story and publish digitally
  • Promote Social media (FB & IG) for the publication
  • Send newsletters periodically

our story producing process

  • Select 20 possible story ideas 
  • Send chat message/phone call to get their email address ->  
  • Then send email template from Highrise, after entering their details into highrise. ->
  • Organise and agree upon a date/time to film/write about them ->
  • Finalise story, add photos, ensure SEO is working and Publish!


  • Research possible stories on Thonglor and pitch your choices to the Editor, who will review them for fit and purpose.
  • Chat message = “Hi, I’m Publication XXXX, We’re interested to do a story on you, could I have your contact email please”
Additionally, you may need to also be adding business contact details to our CRM Highrise.  This enables us to communicate en mass to potential clients/stories.  It also might mean making phone calls, sending social messages  or emailing.
Written Stories (SEO)
Stories need to be minimum 300 words, should contain the Keyword phrase about 6 times inside the story.  Ideally it should contain links to other relevant stories as well as outside links.  All photos should have relevant Alt.Images.
Newsletters – Every 2 weeks
Every 2 weeks we will send out
Learning outcomes
  • Ensuring modern journalism meets SEO criteria.  The nuances of modern publishing.
  • Understanding the role of Google Analytics in Journalism
  • Resource and time management
  • Networking and contact making
Firstly we want you to know that we are a quite small company, this has advantages and disadvantages.  Firstly you would be in the front line and exposed to a broad range of opportunities and experiences, you will most likely develop skills quickly as that is the environment we operate in as a start-up.  However, similarly, because we are small we do not have the capacity to exposure ourselves to large amounts of risk, that is, we have to work hard and efficiently as mistakes or slow work could sink us, unlike a large multinational which can absorb inefficient productivity.  Hence there will be a certain amount of demands on your time and a level of expectation of performance.
Whilst we do hope you enjoy your time and experience in Thailand, and we will undertake certain activities (travel) to ensure you are exposed to the culture, food and travel.  Please understand that we still expect a professional undertaking from your part, including on time arrival and performance, dedication to the task and professionalism, as we still have to ensure that company objectives are met and clients are satisfied.

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