We are seeking a marketing intern for our Bangkok office, for a duration of 3 or more months, full time.  You would be based in Bangkok, a vibrant, international city fill of life and wonder.  You would gain a multi faceted experience as you interface with our clients and internal projects.

We have multiple streams of possible marketing experience.  We have CORE  and ELECTIVE streams.  Feel free to indicate your preference for elective streams.  It is also possible to do more than one.

[core] Social Media Marketing



    • Learn to program posts 
    • Learn strategy for effective use 
    • Prepare growth strategies for Instagram


We are also in the process of setting up Local Digital Publications (LDPs), simliar to a local digital newspaper.  As a core part of what we do, you will be required to contribute some of your time (no more than 1/3) to creating content for these publications. The content will feature local stories, food, hotels, travel and culture for the following areas;

Inside Bangkok

Outside Bangkok

[core] SEO & SEM Marketing


    • Understand how SEO operates
    • Learn how to create great SEO outcomes

SEM (Adwords)

    • Learn the Goole Adwords universe
    • Learn strategy for effective Google campaigns 
    • Prepare growth strategies for SEM

[CORE] other digital marketing  

Although to a lesser extent then the sections above, digital marketing is also comprised of more areas that you can study, such as;

  • Website Design
  • Email Marketing

[elective] Marketing our “Locality Guide” project

Our ‘Locality Guide’ is a TV travel channel that operates exclusively in 5 & 4 Star hotels.  It is the ‘in-house’ channel and we operate and program content for it.

  • Participate in strategic meetings for marketing direction 
  • Assist in developing our marketing collateral 
  • Breakdowns/storyboards & Scripts for clients 
  • Help produce Non Paying content for Locality Guide 
    • Culture – Dos and Don’ts 
    • e.g. Best temples in Thailand, Best bars, 5 most interesting things to do in BKK. etc
  • Help produce Paid Content for Locality Guide 

[elective] Marketing for our Television Productions

  • Our initial task is to produce ‘pilots’ for all concerned programmes.
  • General tasks and duties 
    • Pre Produce programs 
    • Seek stories and clients 
    • Help define marketing strategy 
    • Execute sale calls and sale proposals  
    • Help create marketing collateral

[elective] Business Thailand (TV Program on Facebook)

  • For reference -> https://www.facebook.com/BusinessThailandTV/
  • Be involved in marketing strategy development, story development.
  • Help develop marketing collateral

[elective] Marketing our Discover Food Network 

  • For reference -> https://www.facebook.com/EatsThailandBangkok
  • Help develop the TV version of this concept
  • Help develop restaurant pipeline 
  • Help develop new formats and find new customers for formats 
  • Ongoing development of sales materials 

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