Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing
If you are a tourism entity and you are looking for help in marketing, we have you covered. From accommodation, destination to activities, we can help you get your story out to the world.
Destination Marketing
From providing stories via our STC service, to full management of strategic direction, to inclusion on our Travel Channel, we can map out a plan for you.  Contact us for consultation and briefing.

Marketing for RTOs

Regional Tourism Organisations & National Tourism Organisations have the responsibility to give the best possible story about their destination to the the world.  It is therefore essential that the RTO or NTO discovers the best format and consumption manner for that story, so that the potential visitor comes to appreciate the benefit of the destination.  Discovertoday believes the best way of informing the potential visitor is to use video based story telling.  It is because video has a deeper emotional connection that embeds stronger attachments to the product or destination.  Video has greater recall and memory, creates greater clarity and focus on the destination story and is able to deliver greater amounts of destination based impactful information in a shorter times span.
According to a site survey (California Travel and Tourism Commission), some 70% of visitors watch their videos. Of those, over 90% find the videos useful in planning their travel. The result? Increased tourism and innovative marketing strategy brought to life
Unique use of social media as a jumping of point for consumers to engage with the destination product, but more importantly, to explore that destination product.  It is through exploration that we can move the consumer towards product confidence and eventually into a purchase decision that is in the context of that destination product.
Why video ? well, according to a recent Google survey,
89% of leisure travellers watch video online of travellers who watched online video whilst planning travelling, 74% of affluent travellers say they were prompted to book as a result of video
This is a specific product designed for Regional Tourism Organisations that is essentially a makeover of how they communicate to the world, we offer the following.
  • We can redesign your website to be
    • More video friendly
    • Pushing latest stories/blogs/content on your RTO to the user.
    • Better listing of hotels and activities.
  • We can produce an overview video of your RTO – this can also have separate videos of North, South, East, West and Central.
  • We can add our DiscoverTravelVideo plugin that will allow videos on hotels to be available on the RTO website.
  • We can manage your social media in terms of;
    • Integrating DiscoverPlatform video plugin (on your RTO) into Facebook
    • Manage Facebook feed
    • Manage Twitter feed
    • Manage Instagram feed
  • Organise PR coverage of your RTO via newspapers / journalists through our Syndicated Travel Content (STC) product.
    • Integrate call to action booking clicks via newspapers/blogs etc.
    • Organise constant coverage of your RTO
  • Through Discover Travel Network we can cover your destination in TV travel shows.
  • Through our relationships with broadcast networks such as Scripps Network. (Asian Food Channel, Food Network, Travel Channel) we can pursue opportunities to feature your RTO on broadcast TV.