Restaurant Videos

Video is one of the most effective online tools today, its impact is greater then photos and words. Brand recall is higher and the medium tells a far superior story about your restaurant. The challenge is finding a cost effective way to create media. 
We have changed our approach as a production company to better suit the way social media works. From 2019 onwards, we are now producing THE VIDEO PACK. This is a bundle of 10 simple videos (rather than one more complex video) covering the full range of your business, in order to more effectively adhere to the social media ecosystem.
Your business needs enough content each month for multiple, non repeating video posts. These videos each focus on a particular element of your brand or service. This is the most effective approach to gain the most new customers through social.
We have bundled up a promotional offer of 10 Videos for 35,000 Baht ex VAT.  This represents just 3,500 Baht per video! We are able to achieve cost effective pricing by filming all 10 videos in a single execution, saving you money!
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