Social Media for gyms

We can organise your complete social media strategy, including posting, scheduling and boosting.  We design the creative, according to the immediate strategic goals.  Whether your want lead generation, call to action or branding, we can get social happening for you!

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email campaigns for gyms

If you’ve been running your gym for any length of time, someone at some point has probably told you that “the money is in the list.” And while there are very few hard rules in business, in today’s highly connected world, this one just happens to be 100% correct

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We can run social lead generation campaigns on Facebook where prospective clients will give their email and/or their phone number if there are interested.  The advantage of this approach is that you have warm leads (as defined by the fact the prospect is offering personal info) who are ready to learn more about your product and potentially commit.

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we helping GYM OWNERS market better

Productionhouse Asia has taken the time to consider the particular set of marketing challenges that apply to your industry, you want to concentrate on being a GREAT GYM, let us help with the digital marketing!