How to prepare for a successful video shoot as a client

This is a handy list of questions to ask, in order to prepare a scope for a production company to successfully understand your needs and ensure that your expectations are met.  Below are some questions and some insight into why they are asked
For the shooting (Production)
  1. How many locations are involved?
  2. What type of travel is needed (this is usually costed separately)
  3. How many cameras would this shoot need?
  4. Does it need audio? Wireless Lavalieres? Shotgun? How many people are talking simultaneously? (do we need a separate sound recordist)
  5. Whats the target length of your final video product? (This suggest to us how much shooting is needed)
  6. Do you want one cut (version) or multiple cuts to go to different markets/audiences?
  7. Is any scripting writing necessary
  8. Are producer services needed? – meetings, pre production etc.
For the editing (Post-Production)
  1. Any Voice Over or music needed?
  2. Are motion graphics needed?
    • Lower third? (Name of person bottom of screen)
    • Power Point slides
    • Graphic opener
  3. Whats the destination format? Web, DVD, other?
  4. Is colour grading needed?