Per Room Pricing

Charge a flat fee per room or per property regardless of how guests are staying, this is the simplest pricing scheme Soho Hotel offers

Per Person Pricing

Charge a fixed fee per guest which is multiplied by how many guests are staying, e.g. 1 guest = $100, 2 guests = $200, 3 guests = $300

Advanced Per Person Pricing

Charge a different fee for each guest, which varies depending on how many are staying e.g. guest #1 = $100, guest #2 $80, guest #3 $50, total = $230

Unique Pricing Per Day

Charge a different price for any day of the week

Seasonal Pricing

Create as many seasons as you want, and then setup unique pricing stuctures for each season

Guest Class Pricing

Create as many guest classes as you want, e.g. “Adult”, “Child (0 – 12 yrs)”, “Child (13 yrs+)”, “Pets”, then setup unique prices for each class

Occupancy Limits

Set minimum and maximum occupancy limits for each room, for each guest class

Additional Fees

Add optional or mandatory fees to bookings, for example an optional fee could be “Breakfast”, a mandatory fee could be “Room Cleaning”

Booking Restrictions

Add restrictions based on the room type and season, set a minimum or maximum stay, minimum notice period and allowed check in days


Set a duration discount (if the booking is more than x nights), early discount (if the guest books early) or late discount (if the guest books late)


You can also offer discounts via coupon codes which can be a percentage of the total price off, or a fixed amount off. You can also set restrictions for the type of booking a coupon can be used for

Booking Management

Bookings can be managed via the WordPress dashboard, there are multiple booking status to help you keep track of bookings e.g. “Pending”, “Confirmed” and “Cancelled”

iCal Syncing

Share booking data with 3rd party booking websites such as Airbnb and, or any website supports iCal


Setup a tax rate percentage which is applied to the total price of the booking automatically

Custom Form Fields

Customize booking form fields to collect any guest information you want during the booking process, text, textarea, radio, checkbox and select option fields are all supported

Custom HTML Emails

Easily create your own custom HTML email templates, or use the pre-built templates included

Credit Card Payments (Stripe)

Collect online payments for bookings via credit card directly on your own website using Stripe

PayPal Payments

Collect online payments for bookings via PayPal

Bank Transfer Payments

Collect booking payments via a bank transfer, after the guest books your bank transfer details are shown to them so they can arrange payment accordingly

Pay on Arrival Payments

If you don’t need to collect any payment in advance, you can simply charge the guest in cash or via credit card when they arrive at your hotel to check in

Multi-Hotel Support

Categorize rooms and properties by hotel or location, and add a hotel/location drop down selection to all booking forms

Shared Dorm Room Pricing

Shared dorm room pricing is availble for hostel owners, this price scheme charges per bed in a shared room

Availability Calendars

Clearly display availability to guests during the booking process when they are selecting their dates

User Accounts

Allow guests to register accounts and manage their bookings online. Guest details are stored in their account making future bookings easier