Hotel Marketing

We have experience in marketing hotels from Corporate and Promotional videos on hotels, to PR and restaurant videos on hotels, as well, we are now expanding into Social Media for hotels.
(You can see our specific offer details for hotel social media here…)
Additionally through another product STC (Syndicated Travel Content), we are able to provide PR and Journalistic coverage through travel reviews
(You can see our specific offer details for STC here…)
If you would like to engage with the Chinese market, we have 3 products that can help
  1. Hotel Butler, A WeChat based concierge service that allows Chinese people to interact with your hotel staff in their native language, whilst you receive the correspondence in English. (click here for more details)
  2. Chinese Bloggers – we can deliver to you Chinese bloggers with large followings that can deliver according to KPIs.
  3. Social Media Management for the chinese market in terms of WeChat and Weibo.
We also offer our Locality Guide service to hotels, which allows them to provide a valuable service to guests via channel 1 (we set up a travel channel) whilst at the same time reminding guests of all the services that the hotel offers.
(You can see our specific offer details for Locality Guide here…)