Social Media for restaurants in covid 19 environment

It’s critical that you let the public know that;

  1. You are still open for business
  2. You are undertaking critical cleaning protocols
  3. You have a range of tasty and delicious food
  4. You are ready to transport that food to the customer
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email campaigns for restaurants

A email once a week with a highlighted menu item, or special of the week as well as normal a la carte options helps people get over the boredom of fast food.

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Perhaps it would be great for the chef to giving 3 recipes to the public?  3 great meals, that the public can make at home!

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  • Dishes
  • Atmosphere


  • Main Announcement Video
  • Delivery Options Video


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we helping restaurants market better in a crisis

Productionhouse Asia has taken the time to consider the particular set of marketing challenges that apply to your industry, you want to concentrate on being a RESTAURANTER, let us help with the digital marketing!