Using email to target Social Media users in a dental practice.

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If you already have a email list of your customers, then target them on Social media
One of the hidden features of social media marketing is the ability to just target customers, precisely, according to their emails.  So that means if you have a database of email addresses from your customer list.  You can upload this list to Facebook, and it will then create a campaign where you are targeting only your customer list, and not potentially wasting your marketing spend on irrelevant targets.  This works well in cases where you are looking to extend the Life Time Value of your customer (LTV) that is, deriving more profit from a customer over the lifetime of their relationship with you, by selling them more of your product.  So how does this work for dentists? Well, mindshare is everything, that is, having a customer remember you is the key to having them purchase again from you.  So that means we need to get back in front of the customers with some messaging.  And social media creates a space where we can have a discussion with customers.  For dentists, running campaigns about basics dental hygiene, checkups, beauty dentistry works well, and for segmented age ranges but still attached to email.  You can promote campaigns on bridges and extractions.
You will benefit from hitting your customers on social media and interacting with them, and reminding them about your service.  The key reason for a higher conversion this way is the fact that you are not a stranger to them, they have been ‘educated’ already about your service and your product, so there is trust already built into the relationship.  What we are doing is reminding them of your services and your products, so they have a higher likelihood at arriving at a decision to purchase from you!
The key here is that you are not using the email address to actually email them (which is still effective, but thats another article) but you are using their emails as a way to identify only exactly a specified niche of currently customers.  This is important as it represents a more effective use of your marketing budget, or to put it another way, it results in a lower marketing cost per action (sale).


You can convert 40-70% of your email list to social media targets.

Limitations: Once you upload the email list to Facebook, you will not have a 100% success rate in terms of loading 10,000 emails and then creating an audience of 10,000 Facebook users.  Facebook is matching your list of emails against the list they have of emails.  Remember, email is one of the ways you log into Facebook, hence they do have this list.  The thing is the email that they supply to your dental practice may not be the email they use use to log into Facebook, hence it will be a mismatch and therefore you cannot access that person.  But don’t worry – you should still get a conversion rate of 40-70% of the emails you upload, which is still extremely useful.  Previous test show that conversion rates regarding sales are much higher when you use a supplied email list audience!

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